What sucks about FRANK

by | Dec 1, 2015

When you got started in Network Marketing you were probably told to make a list of EVERYONE you knew.  And also given the FRANK which stands for Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors and Kids contacts.  No this list is a great place to START.  And it also doesn’t mean that these are the only people that you will contact or that you will contact them at all.  The number 1 criticism against the Network Marketing industry is that you have to bug your family and friends to join your business.
So, why would you do it?
By all means create the FRANK list – I think it is a great way to visually have a list of the people you know – you immediate sphere of influence.  But that’s all – I don’t suggest you go out an call everyone on your list – and tell them that you have just started an opportunity and that they would be perfect for this opportunity – because the truth is the probably won’t be, and unless they thought that it was a great idea – they probably wouldn’t want to join.
Seriously – think about it – how many FRANK’s  have as you told about what you do in your day job and they have said to you – fantastic – I want to do that to?  Very few, but it does happen! How many FRANK’s  have you discussed an investment strategy that you have been doing and they say wow – I’d like to try that too!  Very few, but it does happen.  How many FRANK’s  have you discussed your new “opportunity” with and they have run for the hills – never to be seen again – probably quite a few.
So don’t do it.
I’m always astounded at why some leaders out there  INSIST that you MUST  speak to all your FRANK’s, if you don’t then there is sometime wrong with you and them.  There is a better way to build this business and creating a list – the formula is simple – add value and the RIGHT people.  You will be able to create your own tribe, without annoying your FRANK’s.