How to use IFTTT to post to Facebook

by | Apr 10, 2016

Last week I did a video on how to post to Facebook from your blog using IFTTT.  If I set the “recipe” up correctly on IFTT, then this post will automatically have appeared on my on the Ambitious Minds Facebook page.  And when you are there – please give my page a LIKE.
Hi everybody, today we are going to be looking at a site call IFTTT Website- it stands for If This Then That.  What you are doing is creating a series of If then statements.

Creating a IFTTT Recipe

What I want to do is i every single time I post a blog to my website I would like it to immediately posted on some of my Facebook pages. Without the need to copy and paste it’s really intuitive. I’m going to take you through it and you’ll see how easy it is to create one. By the way IFTTT is a free website, which makes it even better.

Go to “Create a Recipe”.

and click on “this” statement to get started.

You can see if these are all the channels that you can use. They are absolutely so many that you can create it’s just not funny.

So want we going be doing is looking at WordPress because my website is on WordPress – Select “WordPress”

It’s going to come up and ask me to do to choose the to trigger.  When you start you will have to authenticate your WordPress websites. Similar to if you were logging on to Facebook to the first time linking to Facebook to an new app.  I’m going to say that if any new post is going to be my trigger and then I select THAT.

Now I’m creating what needs to happen next and I want to post to Facebook.  So I am going to select Facebook. I can either I do to my personal page but because its from my website and because it’s really for business I’m going to do it on my Facebook page.

I want it to create a link on my wall. So there is my post URL and I’m going to say “Hi everyone this is my newest blog post. Please let me know what you think. And I create the action.

And there you go. Now every single time I create a blog post it will then automatically once I hit publish it will automatically go and create status on my Facebook page so now you’ve got a little bit of homework maybe to do and that is to go over to my Facebook page Ambitious Minds Facebook Page and have a look if my IFTTT’s are coming through.

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I hope you found that helpful and so until the next time

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