3  Crucial Facebook Profiles Mistakes

by | May 7, 2016

There are a lot of different ways to build your business on Facebook, and things are always changing. It’s Facebook.

So these are my opinions and what I see right now to be the biggest Facebook Profile Mistakes people are making.

1. Profile Image

Your profile image must be an image of YOU. No one else just you, not your baby, not you and your partner, daughter, or best friend.

It must also be represent the image that you want to portray

Your profile picture must be a good quality picture it doesn’t have to be professional professionally done necessarily but it should be a picture where your face is really quite visible and people can recognise you and you the only person in the picture.

Update it regularly, at least once a year. Your look might change, there is nothing worse that meeting some one in person for the first time and not knowing who they are.

Or if you are using a profile picture that looks nothing like any of the other photo’s on your profile.

2.  Cover Image

Your cover image can be anything that represents you. I like using photo’s of the sunsets that I experience as I travel the world. It could be a photo of your family, or your favourite pastime.

Update this photo more regularly than your profile image. Changing the image regularly, creates curiosity and more traffic to your profile.

The is ONE crucial thing that you must remember to do. Edit the photo and add a link to your website.
You’ll be surprised how many people click on the photo.

If you haven’t got more information about yourself and where people can go to find out more about you, you maybe missing out on some valuable traffic.

3. Intro

Below your Profile Image is a section for your Intro. So many people have nothing in their intro. You can only put in a very short amount of characters so make sure that describes who you are and not what you do.

You want people to connect with you the person and what you are selling so don’t say “I am an independent consultant/representative for XXX”

In my opinion your Facebook Profile is for letting people get to know you, not your products.


4.  Featured images

Below your Intro is a section of 5 photos. Facebook will randomly assign these. But you can assign them yourself. there is a place for you connect you can actually have five features images. If you have been posting a lot of product images, you may be turning a lot of people off. Again, showcase images that reflect who you are. And the lifestyle that you are living.

Regardless of the products/services you sell. People want the life you have. That is what makes you attractive to them. Not the products you sell. Make sure the images of convey that message.

Avoiding these Facebook Profile Mistakes could mean a great deal to your success.  Please let me know if these tips where helpful.


To your Success!

Helen Ronnenbergh - Network Marketing Professional