Facebook Marketing

by | May 21, 2016

Marketing on Facebook – is about making you more visible to others so they become attracted to you.

Set Up

If you want to be “attractive” to others you must be able to be recognisable to others.    So your profile picture must be a picture of yourself.  Not your company logo or dollar signs or your dog.  Also  avoid having more than you in the picture.  People won’t be sure which one you are in the picture.

Brand yourself as a leader in your field; your profile picture must give them a reason to include you in their circle.

Making Friends

Avoid sending random friend requests on Facebook to lots of people in a short amount of time; you could end up in “Facebook Jail.”

Start 3-5 NEW conversations every day.  Before connecting with a person, check their profile.  I learnt this the hard way.  I connected with a person whose values did not align with mine.  And lets just say – that I had to look at a lot of stuff that I didn’t want to.

There are two ways to get more friends through Facebook to the pages.  Follow pages where you ideal target market hangs out and scroll through the comments.  If you see someone’s comment you like – you can send them a friend request AND a message.   Saying “Hi” and why you want to connect and what page you saw their post.  Then when they respond you are able to connect them to why and when you connected with them.  Be aware that there are only so many people that you can follow.  So don’t go overboard and friend 100’s of people within a short amount of time.  You will land in Facebook Jail,  if you do this.

The other way is to follow them.  You will be able to follow more people than you can friend request.   What will happen is that people that you follow will send you friend requests or send you a PM.

Whatever you do, don’t pitch them.  Just chat.  The objective is to meet as many people as possible.  To create connections.  If they are interacting with you – they will get to see your stuff.  Over time you may or may not do business – be okay with that.

Seek to add value to their lives, and you will get value added to yours.

I trust these Facebook Marketing Tips are helpful.  Once you have implemented the Facebook marketing strategies let me know what your results are.

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To your Success!

Helen Ronnenbergh - Network Marketing Professional