3 Types of Facebook Posts That Will Get You the Highest Engagement

I was on a call last night and this subject came up – its kinda of a chicken and egg situation.  Once you get this it will become a lot easier to create content that is engaging.  So the first step is to really understand your target market.  You will definitely get more engagement if you’re giving them what they want – pretty obvious, but not many people aren’t doing this.
This one is going to be short, I know the value in them is going to be great.

1.  Do Facebook Lives – Video is king

Facebook last said that they are going to be transitioning to video feeds rather than status etc.  and as it turns out – if you do a video Facebook shows it to a lot more people.  So immediately, you will get more views and with more views your interaction will go up as well. [bctt tweet=”When it comes to Facebook Live’s just START you’ll get better and better as you go” username=”@ambitiousminds”]

  2.  Lifestyle Posts

when I was in Spain last year I got so many comments and likes – it helps people connect with you.  If you don’t travel then show some photos of you having fun.

3.  Edgy Posts

Post that are a little “edgy” where you can take a stand on a subject, except religion and politics which is can be too polarising.  It’s not being mean – its about sharing your specific beliefs with others.  This may lead you to be unfriended by some – so you’ll need to be okay with that happening. It’s okay
So to recap there are 3 posts that can help you get more engagement on your posts
  • Do Facebook Lives
  • Do lifestyle posts
  • Do edgy posts
And most of all have fun on Facebook – its a great place to be …..


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Helen Ronnenbergh - Network Marketing Professional