The 12 Undeniable Human Needs


The only reason why we buy anything is that it solves or satisfies the needs that we currently perceive we have. If there is a need we will find a solution to our problem. Most of the time we will make the decision to buy when we have some or all of these undeniable human needs met. If you are in sales (which is simply a transfer of value), it’s important to understand these needs.  The greater your understanding of your prospects needs, the more likely you are to ensure that the solution that will truly be beneficial to them.  You do this in the way you communicate through your words to the your target prospect. Often, when we are looking for a solution, we don’t necessarily truly understand our problem, really is.

Have you ever been totally convinced that you need something, only to discover later that it doesn’t solve your problem?

As a marketer it is your responsibility, to ensure that our message fully articulates the problem and the solution to the prospect. To be able to do this, you must truly understand these 12 Undeniable Human Needs.  Without having an understanding you may not be able to  solve your clients need in the most effective way.  When done right – no “selling” is required.  Remember the last time you went to the get something and the Salesperson “got” you, it was a pleasant experience and that’s what I believe you want for your potential customers.

The 12 Undeniable Human Needs
  1. Ease their Pain – we will all do more to avoid pain than seek pleasure. So, it’s crucial to really understand your prospect so you can truly solve their problems
  2. Encourage Their Dreams – we all want our dreams fulfilled. Understand your prospect’s dream and show them how your solution helps them attain their dreams.
  3. Validate Their Thoughts – we all like to know that our views and thoughts are correct. It makes us feel understood. When you know that your prospects thoughts, their concerns and feelings are, you can show how having your solution validates their thoughts.
  4. Capture their Attention People – no one wants boring same old same. Understand what excites them and gives them a sense of excitement. Knowing this helps you to create a message that will keep them engaged in your message.
  5. Make them Feel Loved – we all want to feel that others care for our wellbeing and they are there to help us out. When you message your solution, make sure that you will be there for them to help them when they are stuck or need additional help.
  6. Make them Feel Needed and Significant – nothing feels better when someone recognises you as being important. Do this for your prospect, they are valuable not necessarily to you, but to the people that they are serving. Show them how your solution will enable them to be serve better.
  7. Give them a Sense of Hope – where there is no hope, there is no life. Hope is the last feeling that people have before giving up. As long as there is hope then we won’t give up. Show your prospect how your solution can give them a better tomorrow.
  8. Make them Feel they are Contributing/Leaving a Legacy – we all want to be remember, not necessarily as a world leader, but as a significant part of the community that we were a part while we are on earth. Show them how your solution enables them to leave a legacy.
  9. Tell them Secrets – People love to know things that others don’t. We all love being on the “inside”, know something that is exclusive. Share some secret with them that your solution has.
  10. Give them a Sense of Power – this isn’t necessarily world domination. This is about stepping into your own power. Show them how your solution helps them step into their power and they are responsible for making decisions.
  11. Offer a Scapegoat – we all want to be absolved of our failings. There are always external circumstances that play a part in our success or lack their off. Show your prospect how the external circumstances have led them to need what you are offering. We never want to be in position where we are to blame for where we are, so don’t put your prospect in this situation
  12. Calm their Fears and Doubts – we all have doubts and fears. When we are fearing and doubting we will not make any decision. Truly understand the fear and doubts that your prospect may have around using your solution. Doing this will not necessary ensure that they will purchase your solution, it will ensure that a decision is made

By now I’m sure that you have seen how powerful these 12 Undeniable Human Needs are.  Using them effectively can make a BIG difference in the your and your prospects life. e 90 minute FREE training.

One of my mentors Brian Finale – goes through each one of the Undeniable Human Needs and explaining what they are and how to use them.  By the end of the training you will be surprised on how easy it is to incorporate it into your own writing.

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