Types of Instagram Posts


1. Inspirational quotes

These are great to get followers and to have a great engagement factor.  In fact, that is all that I post on one of my Instagram accounts.  At the time of writing this blog I had 11K followers on this account.

2. Behind the scenes

This type only makes sense if you have in the type of business where it will make sense to your target market.
I think it works well for Stylists, who can take you “behind the scenes” of putting together a stunning outfit or what they do when working with clients.

3.   Books

This is a great conversation starter.  You can select a book to review or recommend for the week.  Be sure to include a call to action with your post for more comments.   An example of great call to actions could be – if you have read this book what did you like the most of this book?

Also, you don’t always have to post positive reviews/comments.  You can also say what you didn’t like about the book.  If you do have negative things to say, it’s best to put a positive spin on it.  For example you can say something like:

“The book was an easy read, I would have liked to know more about ……”

“Great points, however I don’t agree with ….. because …..”

4.  Weekly themed posts

These posts are when you post a certain type of post on a certain day.

An example of this is:
Monday Madness – post a something that is a little crazy.  What you post should still fit your brand and or the vertical that you are in.  If you are in wellness it doesn’t make sense to post on clothes.

Example are like crazy hairstyles, crazy outfits, crazy remedies or crazy makeup images.

5.  Happy Customers

This is great for getting social proof – the best form of these posts are the quick 15 second videos.  You can ask them to record a story, download and then  add to your feed.
If this isn’t possible you can ask them for a written testimonial, which is short enough to put as an image. Potentially with their face to the side or in the background.

6.  Products

I only recommend you to share product images that are your own products.  If you are in network marketing, you need to differentiate yourself from others.  Posting pictures of the company’s products, doesn’t show you as being a leader.  If you haven’t started creating your own products then share a tip that you learnt or implemented to build your business.

[bctt tweet=”Remember when using any of types of posts.You are branding yourself, you want others to believe in you and your ability to help them build…” username=”ambitiousminds”]

You can blast out about your products all day, but this isn’t saying anything about you.  Ninety percent of Network Marketers have been at more than one company before they became successful.  Its about the person that they became and not the entirely on the product.  So concentrate on making you visible instead of the products, and watch how your success rises.


To your Success!

Helen Ronnenbergh - Network Marketing Professional