Why you Should Brand Yourself – Even if You are a Newbie


If you want to be a powerhouse in any industry you must brand yourself.  I hear this all the time, from people I speak to.  How can I brand myself if I’m a newbie.  It’s quite simple….you help your target market with the knowledge that you have gained.

When you brand yourself, you are putting yourself and your knowledge on display.  You are not putting your drama, your shortcomings, and the things you don’t know on display.

When you are worried about being good enough, you are putting the focus on yourself, and not others.  Imagine if a doctor was tending to someone at a scene of an accident and all they where worried about is that they are good enough to do the procedure?

Your target market will be instep with where you are in your development.  If you have just started your journey as a home based business owner.  Your target market won’t be helping 6 figure earners to be more successful.  Your target market will be the person who is just starting out.  They are at the beginning line and you are a little down the track.  You know what they don’t and that’s where you will add value to them.  If you have set up your blog, then you can help them set up theirs.  If you have gotten one lead online, then you can show them what you did to get that lead.

This is what is known as the learn, implement, teach method.  What ever you learn, you create a piece of content explaining what you just learnt from your perspective.  Over time, your content will get more, your skill on creating content will improve.  And you over time become known in the industry.   At first you will only attract people who have just started.  As you progress and your knowledge increases, you knowledge will become known to a greater and greater amount of people.

Brand Yourself Comparison

Imagine  two people starting out on their home based business journey.  Person A works very diligently at growing their downline and advances in the company.  After 2 years in the company, they decide that it is time to brand themselves.  So they start creating content on how to build the business, it takes them a while to understand the technology but they get there in the end.  But all this effort takes their focus on the big team that they have and have obligations to.  So their business tapers of, just a little.  Over the next year they work diligently, trying to remember where they came from and what it takes to grow the business when you are a newbie.  Eventually, they become known to the greater industry.

Person B – starts branding themselves and as they learn about the industry.  They create the content at least weekly.  After 2 years, Person B is has built there business and has a huge following.  Some of which have been with them from the beginning.

Which would you rather be?  Step up be a LEADER and Brand Yourself


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Helen Ronnenbergh - Network Marketing Professional