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Hi I’m Helen – thanks for visiting my page – I’d love to share a little more about who I am.
Helen Ronnenbergh
I then progress and at age 10 got my first paper run – I think I got 12c a newspaper.  Throughout high school I worked at a local department store.  In my final year with them I got promoted to Head Casual which basically meant that I set the schedule and paid all the kids and part-timers  who worked in the store.
It was a fun job.  I then entered the corporate arena doing software development and then later doing business analysis on IT projects.
After working in the corporate world for 15 years,  I wanted a different way of creating a retirement plan and a legacy for her family.  I also wanted to help others thrive in their own pursuits.
I realised in order to this I would need re-training and different kind of education than I had received after high school.  I trained as an Life/Executive/Relationship Coach.
Through starting a home business and entering a world I never had imagined before I was introduced to Network Marketing.  I all feel into place for me, as I helped others in their relationships or work I now also had an way to assist After doing a lot of research I decided on Network Marketing.
For the last few years as a transition to full time in network marketing I have been looking for a program that will enable me to be successful in my business, but also a way to help others in their business’.
I believe I have found this in My Lead System Pro which is a marketing platform for small business owners.
Today as a coach, business mentor I love that I am able to help so many small business owners especially those in Network Marketing to harness the power of social media to grow their business.
If you would like to work with me – you can find out more at Work With Helen
To your success!
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