As your business grows you will need to add some business tools.  All the Marketing Tools that I’ve suggest below are ones that I personally used and love


MLSPAttraction Marketing – this is hands down the ONLY way to build a sustainable business.  If you want to start your business with the end in mind, then Brand Yourself  from the beginning and your business will grow.   There are a few Attraction Marketing Systems out there, MLSP is the oldest so you know they are here for the long haul.   They are backed by a large team, constantly training and creating tools that you can use.  Social Media and Internet Marketing are constantly evolving, so it’s important to know that they training is kept up to date!  They have two subscriptions Monthly or you can get 2 months free when you sign up to the Yearly Subscription

Get ResponseGet Response – One of the greatest assets you’ll have as a business owner, is your list!   In order for you to do this more effectively you’ll need an autoresponder.  This handy little tool allows you to send an email to one everyone or certain people on your list.    Of course, there is are different autoresponder services out there. I personally GetResponse because it’s super affordable and has some nifty useful addons like webinars and my favourite landing pages. It’s also easy to use and their customer support is amazing. You can test them out for 30 days for free and see if you like ’em!

webinar jam

Webinar Jam –  webinars are a great way to Brand Yourself and become an industry authority. This is by far the best value webinar platform.  It’s easy to use, set up and even as the option of adding automated webinars (perpetual webinars) .  It is also the platform that a lot of the BIG Leaders use. The cool part also is you can pay monthly,  or save some money and sign up for the WebinarJam Yearly Subscription

Social JukeboxSocial Jukebox  – I really like this tool!  You can connect your Twitter, Facebook(profile and fanpages) and LinkedIn accounts.  You load

all your content into  a content “Jukebox”  and then it randomly posts the content so you don’t need to keep setting up a schedule. It continues posting your content at spreading it out in a random sequence, so it doesn’t become repetitive.  You can also schedule to be only posted once, which gives you great flexibility on what and when you post.

Social Jukebox currently allows you to easily link your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.