There are Three Ways that you can work with me:

1.  Joining my Opportunity

This will give you direct access to me – pretty much 24 hours a day.  I will show the ropes, and share with you the system that has helped me be successful in my network marketing business well as making residual income from MLSP.   With this option you will get the greatest amount of one on one time with me with NO additional cost to you.

 2. Joining MLSP

By joining through my link to MLSP – you will become part of my MLSP team.  I will help you initially to get set up and started on MLSP.  You will also be able to join my private Facebook Group and join in my fortnightly coaching calls.

 3.  One on One Coaching

This option gives you access to work with me one on one with the business you choose.  This option will be at an additional cost to you and as this is very tailored to your individual needs the exact cost is not fixed.  As a ballpark figure my hourly rate is generally about $150 USD per hour. Before you go ahead and fill out the form I’d like to give you an indication of who I would like to work with – either as a business partner or as a Coaching Client: – Someone Coachable – Someone that has a burning desire to create Success – Someone that is Dependable – Someone that is a pleasure to work with –

Someone that has a ‘No-Excuses’ Mindset

If this is you I’d love to have the opportunity to see if we are a great match to work together
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To your Success!!

Helen Ronnenbergh - Network Marketing Professional