Building a home business can be exhausting.



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Different Components of Automation 

Email Marketing

This been around for a long time. Yet,  surprisingly many business owners still don't use this form of marketing strategy.  It is still one of the best ways to build relationships with your leads so that they can become customers.


Even with the power of Facebook,  you truely want to  stand out from the crowd.   You will need a website where you establish youself as the brand.  Having a website also enables you to create multiple streams of income.


Facebook Business Page

This is one of the key aspects of having an automated business.  Having a Facebook Business Page (also called a fanpage) enables you to use a lot of the business tools that Facebook has to offer, like ads and a chatbot. 


YouTube Channel

YouTube doesn't have the amount of users that Facebook has, but here it is quality and not quantity that counts.  People go to YouTube to learn . And this is a key aspect of you being able to create an Audience of loyal followers

I am so thrilled you have made it over to my website!!

I struggled for years trying to get my network marketing business to work .   That was until I found Attraction Marketing.  And even then  things didn't work the way I planned.   I was constantly stuck to my computer.  Not quite what I was looking for.  

Follow me on my journey as I create a sustainable business automating  as many processes as possible.   

So lets, get started on theis amazing journey of creating an awesome business !​​​​​​​​​​

Helen Ronnenbergh

About Me

Tools That I use 


I was overjoyed when I found this platform.  It has just about everything you can hope for in getting your business online, quickly and cost effectively. 

I dedidate a large part of my business teaching people how to use all the tools available on tihis platform.

  Website Builder (includes branded email and hosting)

  Sales Funnels

  Facebook Chatbot


  Facebook Autoposter​​​​​​​

  and much more 



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